2012 Archive

Verbal Presentations

Presenter(s) Presentation Presentation File Format
Greg Allgood Scaling Up Efforts to Provide More than 100 Million Water Purification Packets Every Year Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Alexandra Huber Development & evaluation of behavior change campaigns to increase fluoride-free water consumption Adobe PDF Format Logo
Ovik Banerjee Evaluating country-level Population vulnerabilities to water access due to climate related hazards using high spatial resolution methods Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Claire Chase Costing of Rural Sanitation Service Delivery

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Emmanuel Akpabio Water Meanings, Sanitation Practices and Hygiene Behaviours in the Cultural Mirror

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Shadi Eskaf Financial management challenges faced by southeastern U.S. water utilities Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Andrew Foote Inactivation of helminth eggs in a solar concentrator and pit latrine Adobe PDF Format Logo
Saduma Iphreem Ibrahim Impact of Simple Handwashing & Drinking Water Stations and Hygiene Education on Student Hygiene Practices & Health in Kenyan Primary Schools Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Nilanjana Mukherjee Achieving and Sustaining Open Defecation Free Communities Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Innocent K. Tumwebaze Developing behavior change techniques targeting cleaning of shared toilets by users in Kampala’s slums, Uganda Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Jeremy Hand Monitoring and Evaluation for Sustainable Scale-Up

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Juliet Waterkeyn The Mechanics of Behaviour Change Adobe PDF Format Logo
Juliet Waterkeyn Best Practice in Health Promotion

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Krisztian Magori Urbanization and West Nile Virus transmission in the South-eastern US Adobe PDF Format Logo
Daniele Lantagne Need to revise recommendations for emergency water treatment with bleach in the US Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Hans-Joachim Mosler Evidence-based behavior change protocol

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Edema Ojomo Defining the Enabling Environment for HWTS using the IAD Framework Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Shaila Arman Trial of liquid chlorine dispenser models in urban Bangladeshi households Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Gregory Pierce The Late Embrace of Urban Water Service Privatization in India: A Political Economy Explanation

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Eddy Perez Policy and Sector National Reform to Accelerate and Sustain Access to Improved Rural Sanitation

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Fermin Reygadas Field Efficacy Evaluation of the Mesita Azul:Ultraviolet Water Disinfection for Households in Developing Countries

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Michael Ritter Adoption of Household Chlorination in Emergency and Development Contexts in Rural Haiti Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Stacey Berahzer State of Water Utility Financial Innovation Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Evan Thomas Instrumentation for M&E Adobe PDF Format Logo
Tamara Smith Relationships Between Fecal Indicator Bacteria Prevalence in Private Water Supplies and Demographic Data in Virginia Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Valentina Zuin & Jenna Davis Understanding heterogeneous preferences for water supply services among the urban poor Adobe PDF Format Logo
Robyn Wilmouth Household-centered WASH: Household water treatment and safe storage Adobe PDF Format Logo
Jennifer Winston Deep Tubewells Provide Protection Against Childhood Diarrhea in Matlab, Bangladesh Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Joseph Eisenberg Estimating the Effectiveness of Household Water Treatment in Reducing Diarrheal Disease Burden Adobe PDF Format Logo
Robert Bain Multiple data sources for drinking water quality Adobe PDF Format Logo
Philip McCreanor H2O and Residential Landscape Irrigation Adobe PDF Format Logo

Poster Presentations

Presenter(s) Presentation Presentation File Format
Kristen Check Profession and incidence of waterborne parasites in a health impact study of fishing communities along Lake Victoria in Uganda Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Megan Christenson Surveillance System Challenges for Climate Change Impacts in Wisconsin Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Feruza Alimova Spatial patterns of water-borne diseases in relation with climatic conditions in Tashkent Province, Uzbekistan Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Jonathan Lanciani Recycling Water: Sustainability & Health Adobe PDF Format Logo
Selina Derksen Household Water Treatment with Gravity Driven Membrane Filters: Field Study Kenya 2011-12 Adobe PDF Format Logo
Meghan Arnold A participatory approach to community WaSH mobilization and evaluation in Punjab, India Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Innocent K. Tumwebaze Households’ access to safe water and improved sanitation in urban slum settlements: case of Kampala’s slums, Uganda Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Daniele Lantagne Effective Use: A Metric for Assessing the Potential Impact of HWTS Interventions Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Emma Bones, Alexandra George, and Lillian Ponitz Mapping the Way: Testing Methods to Map Water Points in Developing Countries Adobe PDF Format Logo
Kevin Curry BioSand Filters: Appropriate Household Water Treatment for Floating Villages in Cambodia Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Jose Rene C. Roncesvalles Septage Management Programs as Appropriate Sanitation Intervention to Address Public Health Concerns in Urban Areas in the Philippines Adobe PDF Format Logo
Larry W. Wallace, Russell Rice, Marshall Yandle Challenges with Access to Drinking Water in the Rural Southeastern U.S. Adobe PDF Format Logo
Nadja Contzen Behavior Change in Emergency Contexts: Handwashing Promotion in Post-Earthquake Haiti and Drought Response in Borena Zone, Ethiopia* Adobe PDF Format Logo
Susan Davis and Susan Dundon MWA and Collective Impact Adobe PDF Format Logo
Stacey Isaac Berahzer Protecting Water in the Bull City Adobe PDF Format Logo
Karen Schlanger “WaterGuard is the smell of safety:” A qualitative exploration of home water treatment behaviors in an antenatal safe water program—Machinga, Malawi Adobe PDF Format Logo
Kathryn Kazior Optimization of Design to Enhance Flux and Performance of Gravity Driven Membrane Filters for Household Water Treatment: A field Study in Kenya Adobe PDF Format Logo
Katharine Robb Sustainability and Impact of Hospital Water Treatment Systems in Honduras Adobe PDF Format Logo
Jason Rosenfeld A Health Promotion Partnership: Cholera Mitigation Along the Haitian-Dominican Frontier Adobe PDF Format Logo
Joyce Mpalanyi Magala Women and Water: a socio-cultural dimension to health in south western Uganda Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Jenna Senecal Human Urine Enhances Biomass Production in Spinach Adobe PDF Format Logo
Kimberley Geissler Microfinance and WASH integration: The effect of microcredit on latrine uptake in rural Cambodia Adobe PDF Format Logo
Andrew M. Armstrong Remote Monitoring of Privately-Managed Rural Water Supply Systems Using Grundfos LIFELINK Adobe PDF Format Logo
Andrew M. Armstrong Accuracy and Reliability of Operator-Assisted (SMS) Data Collection in Community-Managed Water Supplies Adobe PDF Format Logo
Philip McCreanor The Callibration of ImageJ© for Counting Bacterial Colonies Adobe PDF Format Logo