Poster Presentations

This list of presenters and presentations from the 2013 Water and Health Conference: Where Science Meets Policy will be expanded as presenters submit their presentations. If you presented at the 2013 conference, and you wish your presentation(s) to be included in this list, please send an email with your presentation file(s) attached to

Presenter(s) Presentation Presentation File Format
Erin Brett The Influence of Metallic Biocide Concentration on the Time of Deactivation of Coliforms in River Water Adobe PDF Format Logo
Katrina Charles Identifying barriers and catalysts to improved sanitation in informal settlements in East Africa Adobe PDF Format Logo
Patricia Weiss Microbial Quality and Safety of Well Water in Rural Nicaragua as Determined by Low Cost Bacterial Test Adobe PDF Format Logo
Waltaji Terfa Kutane Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Interventions in Response to Acute Water Diarrhea (AWD)/ Cholera outbreak in Ethiopia Adobe PDF Format Logo
Andrew Armstrong Life-cycle Cost Recovery of Rural Community-managed Water Supplies: Experience from Malawi and Uganda Adobe PDF Format Logo
Nirmala Ronnie, Nimish Shah and Peter McClure Household Water Treatment Systems: Applying a risk-based apporach for the development of microbiological-reduction criteria Adobe PDF Format Logo
Nirmala Ronnie, Poomina Vajpayee, Saurabh Bhatti, Nimish Shah, Peter McClure and Rishi Shanker SAFE DRINKING WATER – A CHALLENGE FOR THE DEVELOPING WORLD
Adobe PDF Format Logo
Adefolaju Samuel Omowole Urban Sanitation Financing & Gaps in Akure, Nigeria: Beyond the 2015-MDG Year Adobe PDF Format Logo
Ayotunde Anthony Ajayi and O. O. Aluko Application of urine as alternative to chemical fertilizer in two rural communitites in Osun and Oyo states, Nigeria Adobe PDF Format Logo
Othale Blanc, Fabienne Bertrand and Reginald Francois Institutional strengthening and data reporting on key WASH indicators in rural Haiti Adobe PDF Format Logo
Tania Jordanova, Ryan Cronk, Octavio Zeledon Medina and Rinko Kinoshita A Survey of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools in the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua: Findings, Lessons Learned, and Recommendations for Future Studies Adobe PDF Format Logo