Verbal Presentations

This list of presenters and presentations from the 2013 Water and Health Conference: Where Science Meets Policy will be expanded as presenters submit their presentations. If you presented at the 2013 conference, and you wish your presentation(s) to be included in this list, please send an email with your presentation file(s) attached to

Presenter(s) Presentation Presentation File Format
Dale Andreatta, Frank Husson, Robert Metcalf Solar Water Pasteurization Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Almoayied Assayed Using Drawer Compacted Sand Filter (DCSF): Appropriate and Innovative Greywater Treatment Method Amongst Poor Urban Communities Adobe PDF Format Logo
Jade Benjamin-Chung The effect of program implementation quality on handwashing (and other) behavior Adobe PDF Format Logo
Jacqueline Devine Lessons Learned from the Global Scaling Up Handwashing with Soap Project Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Jay Graham An Exploratory Analysis of Behavioral Change Theory Constructs Used in Total Sanitation Programs Adobe PDF Format Logo
Faruque Hussain Early Feedback from a Latrine Intervention: Lessons to Inform Course Correction Adobe PDF Format Logo
Sara Marks Assessing rural water and sanitation coverage using rapid community assessments combined with Google Earth Adobe PDF Format Logo
Lisa Mason Multi-dimensional Measurement of Seasonal Water Security in Urban Philippines: Beyond Improved Access Adobe PDF Format Logo
Abigail McDaniel Community Perspectives and Experiences of the Functionality and Sustainability of Water and Hygiene Committees in Central Cote d’Ivoire Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Kenan Okurut Improved sanitation in low-income informal settlements – A case of Eastern African cities: Is it a myth? Adobe PDF Format Logo
Rishi Rattan The UN + Cholera in Haiti Adobe PDF Format Logo
Fermin Reygadas Barriers and Drivers to Adoption and Use of a Household Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System: A Randomized Stepped Wedge Trial in Rural Mexico Adobe PDF Format Logo
Jan Willem Rosenboom Sanitation Marketing: What are we learning and what more should we do? Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Jan Willem Rosenboom FSM in the Foundation’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Strategy Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Elizabeth Seimetz Evaluation of a handwashing awareness raising campaign in India Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
JJ Wedgworth Low pressure and intermittent service are associated with reported symptoms of gastrointestinal illness in small water supplies Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Patricia Weiss Microbial Quality and Safety of Well Water in Rural Nicaragua as Determined by Low Cost Bacterial Test Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Waltaji Terfa Kutane Drinking Water Supply Sanitary Survey and Microbiological Water Quality Assessment from Source to Home Storage in Gambella, Ethiopia Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Muthi Nhlema How Partnerships Fit Into Water For People’s Everyone Forever Strategy Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Muthi Nhlema Water As A Business ~ A Peri-Urban Experiment in Malawi Goes To Scale Adobe PDF Format Logo
Probir Kumar Ghosh Factors mediating the relationship between poverty and diarrhea among children less than 5 years old in rural Bangladesh Adobe PDF Format Logo
Myles Elledge Urban Sanitation, India and The Reinvent the Toilet Challenge Adobe PDF Format Logo
Andrew Armstrong Water Accessibility and Use Revisited for Financial Planning of Rural Water Supplies Adobe PDF Format Logo
Farhana Sultana Feasibility assessment of improved hand and respiratory hygiene intervention in elementary schools in Bangladesh Microsoft Powerpoint Logo
Susan Davis Smarter Sector Scaling — Where are the Roadmaps? Adobe PDF Format Logo
Adam Carpenter Water and Hydraulic Fracturing: An Overview Adobe PDF Format Logo
Yusuke Kuwayama Managing the Risks of Shale Gas Development: A Summary of RFF Studies Adobe PDF Format Logo
Sean Lieske Hydraulic Fracturing — A Public Utility Perspective Adobe PDF Format Logo
Jeanne Eckhart Water Use in the Eagle Ford Shale Play: A Systems Dynamics Approach Adobe PDF Format Logo
Nadja Contzen, Iara Meil and Hans-Joachim Mosler How to change handwashing behavior: infrastructural and commitment interventions in the Borana Zone, Ethiopia Adobe PDF Format Logo
Dr. Tania Bulbul Evaluation of a large scale water sanitation and hygiene education intervention in urban slums in Bangladesh Adobe PDF Format Logo
Dr. Arno Rosemarin Learning from WASH System Failures — Resilient Risk Reduction Adobe PDF Format Logo
James Fuller Shared Sanitation and Diarrhea: Evidence from 51 Countries Microsoft Powerpoint Logo